February 17, 2009

I recently stumbled upon this group..

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a about a year or two now. I honestly would enjoy working along side with people from my class. I think we did a great job handling the parameters of TAKE ROOT and I realized then, that we can work well with each other. So, I began to think of my future and how exactly I wanted to enter this working world of graphic design. I definitely want to work in a firm so that I can gain more knowledge and network, but part of me really just wants to try out freelance. But when I stumbled upon this site it made me think about how you can have a collective group of freelance designers working separately and at the same time collaborating.

It could be a revolving door with people leaving and coming back to the group, but ultimately it would be a great way to show work and recieve critique. Regardless I’m very excited about my future as a designer and can’t wait to get into the working force.


power verb presentation

February 10, 2009

I may not be a big fan of creating presentations or even speaking in front of
people for that matter, but I’m glad I stumbled upon this idea of serious play.
I think it’s a great way to approach design or art. I can totally relate to the fact
that we gain a fear over time. In fact, during high school I received so much criticism
from my peers that I actually stopped drawing and making art all-together.

I guess the main thing is that kids are just downright mean. But at the same
time, I think teachers should encourage more creativity as a base level in education.
Being creative not only helps us as designers, but also helps develop critical
thinking skills that one needs to get ahead in the business world.

I enjoy hearing what others have to say about being a little more childish in their
work. Its not just enough to love what you do. To keep loving it you have to keep
re-inventing the wheel so to speak. When things become stale or over-done, it’s
time to turn that child-like wonderment on and rethink the situation. From now
on, I’m going to try to leave fear behind and just play.


February 4, 2009

I have received a FEW of the journals that I had sent out. To my surprise there is a general lack of interest, it seems, in the project. With that being said, sometimes you just have to know when to put it to rest and start anew. My original idea for the senior thesis project also involved a series of books that were centered around a central theme (i.e. the 10 commandments, 7 virtues) where each part of the theme was displayed in one book of the series.

At least the ball is in my court now and if I fail or don’t get things done on time then at least its my fault. I think this will be better in the long run because my new series will showcase my skills in publication design as well as mock-ups because I will be crafting these myself. I want to show my interest in publication and package design in my show because I hope to acquire a job in this field when I graduate.

So, now my problem is finding inspiration / research this late in the game. I feel for my friend Alyssa as well. She just decided to change her idea as well. I’m sure she will be able to pull it together. We may just need some help from others in order to get the ball rolling. If anyone has ideas or opinions, PLEASE COMMENT. I need the help at this point.

Back that stuff up.

January 27, 2009

At the end of my junior year second semester (the very last day, in fact) someone (its better if names aren’t mentioned) accidentally tripped over the cord connected to my external hard drive. This sent my 320gb external falling desperately to the cold, hard floor. Now, this shouldn’t have been much of a problem if I routinely backed my files onto other formats (i.e. another external hard drive, flash drive, cd, dvd), but this was a long, arduous task that I had actually been saving for the summer break since I would have time to organize and so on.

I was devastated when I received a call from my local computer tech telling me there was nothing he could do to resuscitate my external. ALL of my school work leading up to that point, ALL of  the photos that my girlfriend and I had accumulated, ALL of the music I had since high school; ALL of it, right down the drain. It really was a heart-breaking moment. I felt as if that fatal crash wiped those images from my memory and I would never have them again, not to mention I would have a tough time putting together a portfolio with no work to show.

I was told about drive savers out in california ( Basically they take your old, busted peices of a hard drive and put them back together again, much like humpty dumpty. About 2 weeks and $2000 later they sent me a new external hard drive with all of my old work and photos intact. It may have been WAY out of my price range (thanks Mom), but thats the cost of a lesson learned.

My professor, Leslie, told the class to not only back up your work on an external hard drive, but ALWAYS make at least 2 dvds of your work. One that you can keep in a safety deposit box, or your parents house (wherever), and the other at your house organized neatly in a filing system. I now know what it feels like to lose it all in a matter of seconds, so this is YOUR WARNING. Back your files up regularly. I know how boring it can be, but in the long run your time spent on that is well worth it.

Project Parallels…too many to count.

January 20, 2009

So, it seems the more I research on my senior project, the more parallels I seem to find. Of course, I knew from the beginning that my idea wasn’t completely original, but then again what is? I threw my twist on an already existing idea of traveling blank journals. I honestly love the idea of this anonymous interpretation that occurs between the journals and the random owner. In the book Slideology by Nancy Duarte there is a quote by Bill McDonough that really resonated with me. “What is it about education in America, that you walk into a room full of six-year-olds and say, ‘How many people here can draw?’ and every hand goes up ‘I can draw. I can draw anything.’ And then you walk into a classroom full of graduate students and you say, ‘How many people here can draw?’ and almost no one thinks they can. What kind of an education system is this?”

During my first speach to present my ideas for my senior project I said something very similar. Something happens to us growing up. We fear criticism and shy away from artistic endeavors. Thats what I was trying to break down with my project. Hopefully, my presentation will do the same. After last class, I have new ideas as far as presentation goes during the exhibit. I think it was a great idea to continue the project during the show to get even more additions to the books. This could end up being an ongoing project.

Some of the parallels to my projects.

Hopefully, I will have some of the journals back and scanned for my next post.

Raise your hand if you love beautiful packaging.

January 13, 2009

I DO, I DO!!! I think package design (beautifully designed packaging, anyway) can inspire anyone, not just a designer. Packaging says something about the company in which is presenting the product. It says that they care about their products and want you to know the quality to which they want to deliver to you. Design can convey that message in a very unique and personal way. Whether targeting a specific demographic, or an entire populace, we have the means to convey quality and individuality before the consumer even knows what the product is. Real world benefits are clear to see when a Design firm re-brands a product’s packaging and sales increase 35%. Product packaging is no joke, and serious companies look to designers for results.

As I was browsing through my daily list of rss updates, I found this particularly interesting design for Converse. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the canvas all star basketball shoes, converse has produced a limited edition of 1000 books containing a pair of shoes. Acting as a sort of time-line the strips of corrugated cardboard have a die-cut in the center where the shoes are held. Each strip represents a different year (or milestone) for the company, and has a tid-bit of information about that particular year. This kind of design that changes the norms of everyday consumerism is what we all should try to encourage our clients and colleagues to participate in.

side note: check this out…

Anonymous Interpretation

October 31, 2008

The journals are out! I’m excited to see how this all turns out. Keep posted for updates and scans as I start to (hopefully) get these back. Thanks to all who participate.