The search for a decent looking and reasonably priced portfolio box / folder came to an abrupt end about a week or so ago when I came up with a brilliant idea. “EUREKA,” I thought…I’ll just make my own. Most of my professors tend to sway from this idea. I guess there are a lot of hokey, or shall I say…disgusting looking hand-made portfolios out there. And I’m sure that they’ve seen the lot of them. Well, with a somewhat sturdy background in wood-working and furniture design I designed and (finally) built my portfolio box out of a solid piece of oak (which happens to be three times as old as I am).

It was tough to say the least. From the first cut to the last, it took me about 10 hours. It may not look like it, but it was extremely dificult to accomplish. Now that I’m finished (minus a few minor changes), I couldn’t be more happy. It turned out a bit smaller than I wanted orgininally, but dealing with the materials i had, I think I can make the inner dimensions (9×15) work. Now if I could only finish the boards that go inside…


One Response to portfolio

  1. Stephen Bush says:

    Nice! Is it heavy?

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