Collaboration is a GO!

March 3, 2009

Stephanie Tate and I have always wanted to work together on projects outside of school, but never had the time to accomplish our goals. So, we’ve found a way to join forces for our senior exhibition. Now we will have 10 books and 10 panels. We started the collab with this idea of the power of 10 seeing that we both had originally wanted to have 10 pieces.

We developed a system so that we could do equal amounts of work and input. For each book we have 10 containers: Appropriated Image, Appropriated Text, Color Family, Found Object, Graphic element, Information system, Self work, social symbol, song lyrics, and typefaces. For each box we both added 5 items, equalling 10, wow! Now, we are in the design process. We have each started to design the first spread in five of the books. Then, we respond to each others design with the following spread. When we run out of items to use, the book is finished.

Next, we’re taking the best parts of each book and designing the panels. book one will have it’s own panel and so on. The panels are going to be 20 inches by 2 feet tall. I think we’re both very excited and are realizing very quickly that we have SO much work to get done. But, I have faith that the final products will be beautiful.

here are some of my first spreads..