No time to breathe.

The end of my senior year is coming Way faster than I expected it too. And of course, as usual, I’ve done myself the injustice of procrastinating on most things that should be done by now. My life has always and will always be made up in long lists of goals and deadlines. For now I’m working on the senior show collateral with my group (Tenley and Shaina – good team), my senior thesis project, my stationary package (resume, cover letter, business cards, the whole nine yards) and in the process of trying to get an internship.

Nick Dupey came to class yesterday and talked about life after school. Sounds just as busy and loaded with work. I love to keep busy with work and all, just right now I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Anonymous Interpretation failed miserably, and I’m okay with that. That’s the point of starting early I guess. Now the ball is in my court and I’m designing and working at a jack rabbit pace. I know all of my peers are in the same boat, and I think one thing we need to keep in mind is the idea of PLAY. My last presentation for Leslie Jensen Inman’s class was based around this idea. The more fun you have with your work, the better it will be. SO, with that in mind I intend on pushing forward on all my work with the mind-set of a child – just play.


One Response to No time to breathe.

  1. Stephen says:

    Michael, I like your weblog redesign. I can almost see up your nose!

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