I recently stumbled upon this group..

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a about a year or two now. I honestly would enjoy working along side with people from my class. I think we did a great job handling the parameters of TAKE ROOT and I realized then, that we can work well with each other. So, I began to think of my future and how exactly I wanted to enter this working world of graphic design. I definitely want to work in a firm so that I can gain more knowledge and network, but part of me really just wants to try out freelance. But when I stumbled upon this site it made me think about how you can have a collective group of freelance designers working separately and at the same time collaborating.

It could be a revolving door with people leaving and coming back to the group, but ultimately it would be a great way to show work and recieve critique. Regardless I’m very excited about my future as a designer and can’t wait to get into the working force.


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