power verb presentation

I may not be a big fan of creating presentations or even speaking in front of
people for that matter, but I’m glad I stumbled upon this idea of serious play.
I think it’s a great way to approach design or art. I can totally relate to the fact
that we gain a fear over time. In fact, during high school I received so much criticism
from my peers that I actually stopped drawing and making art all-together.

I guess the main thing is that kids are just downright mean. But at the same
time, I think teachers should encourage more creativity as a base level in education.
Being creative not only helps us as designers, but also helps develop critical
thinking skills that one needs to get ahead in the business world.

I enjoy hearing what others have to say about being a little more childish in their
work. Its not just enough to love what you do. To keep loving it you have to keep
re-inventing the wheel so to speak. When things become stale or over-done, it’s
time to turn that child-like wonderment on and rethink the situation. From now
on, I’m going to try to leave fear behind and just play.


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