No time to breathe.

February 24, 2009

The end of my senior year is coming Way faster than I expected it too. And of course, as usual, I’ve done myself the injustice of procrastinating on most things that should be done by now. My life has always and will always be made up in long lists of goals and deadlines. For now I’m working on the senior show collateral with my group (Tenley and Shaina – good team), my senior thesis project, my stationary package (resume, cover letter, business cards, the whole nine yards) and in the process of trying to get an internship.

Nick Dupey came to class yesterday and talked about life after school. Sounds just as busy and loaded with work. I love to keep busy with work and all, just right now I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Anonymous Interpretation failed miserably, and I’m okay with that. That’s the point of starting early I guess. Now the ball is in my court and I’m designing and working at a jack rabbit pace. I know all of my peers are in the same boat, and I think one thing we need to keep in mind is the idea of PLAY. My last presentation for Leslie Jensen Inman’s class was based around this idea. The more fun you have with your work, the better it will be. SO, with that in mind I intend on pushing forward on all my work with the mind-set of a child – just play.



February 17, 2009

I recently stumbled upon this group..

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a about a year or two now. I honestly would enjoy working along side with people from my class. I think we did a great job handling the parameters of TAKE ROOT and I realized then, that we can work well with each other. So, I began to think of my future and how exactly I wanted to enter this working world of graphic design. I definitely want to work in a firm so that I can gain more knowledge and network, but part of me really just wants to try out freelance. But when I stumbled upon this site it made me think about how you can have a collective group of freelance designers working separately and at the same time collaborating.

It could be a revolving door with people leaving and coming back to the group, but ultimately it would be a great way to show work and recieve critique. Regardless I’m very excited about my future as a designer and can’t wait to get into the working force.

power verb presentation

February 10, 2009

I may not be a big fan of creating presentations or even speaking in front of
people for that matter, but I’m glad I stumbled upon this idea of serious play.
I think it’s a great way to approach design or art. I can totally relate to the fact
that we gain a fear over time. In fact, during high school I received so much criticism
from my peers that I actually stopped drawing and making art all-together.

I guess the main thing is that kids are just downright mean. But at the same
time, I think teachers should encourage more creativity as a base level in education.
Being creative not only helps us as designers, but also helps develop critical
thinking skills that one needs to get ahead in the business world.

I enjoy hearing what others have to say about being a little more childish in their
work. Its not just enough to love what you do. To keep loving it you have to keep
re-inventing the wheel so to speak. When things become stale or over-done, it’s
time to turn that child-like wonderment on and rethink the situation. From now
on, I’m going to try to leave fear behind and just play.


February 4, 2009

I have received a FEW of the journals that I had sent out. To my surprise there is a general lack of interest, it seems, in the project. With that being said, sometimes you just have to know when to put it to rest and start anew. My original idea for the senior thesis project also involved a series of books that were centered around a central theme (i.e. the 10 commandments, 7 virtues) where each part of the theme was displayed in one book of the series.

At least the ball is in my court now and if I fail or don’t get things done on time then at least its my fault. I think this will be better in the long run because my new series will showcase my skills in publication design as well as mock-ups because I will be crafting these myself. I want to show my interest in publication and package design in my show because I hope to acquire a job in this field when I graduate.

So, now my problem is finding inspiration / research this late in the game. I feel for my friend Alyssa as well. She just decided to change her idea as well. I’m sure she will be able to pull it together. We may just need some help from others in order to get the ball rolling. If anyone has ideas or opinions, PLEASE COMMENT. I need the help at this point.