Project Parallels…too many to count.

So, it seems the more I research on my senior project, the more parallels I seem to find. Of course, I knew from the beginning that my idea wasn’t completely original, but then again what is? I threw my twist on an already existing idea of traveling blank journals. I honestly love the idea of this anonymous interpretation that occurs between the journals and the random owner. In the book Slideology by Nancy Duarte there is a quote by Bill McDonough that really resonated with me. “What is it about education in America, that you walk into a room full of six-year-olds and say, ‘How many people here can draw?’ and every hand goes up ‘I can draw. I can draw anything.’ And then you walk into a classroom full of graduate students and you say, ‘How many people here can draw?’ and almost no one thinks they can. What kind of an education system is this?”

During my first speach to present my ideas for my senior project I said something very similar. Something happens to us growing up. We fear criticism and shy away from artistic endeavors. Thats what I was trying to break down with my project. Hopefully, my presentation will do the same. After last class, I have new ideas as far as presentation goes during the exhibit. I think it was a great idea to continue the project during the show to get even more additions to the books. This could end up being an ongoing project.

Some of the parallels to my projects.

Hopefully, I will have some of the journals back and scanned for my next post.


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