Raise your hand if you love beautiful packaging.

I DO, I DO!!! I think package design (beautifully designed packaging, anyway) can inspire anyone, not just a designer. Packaging says something about the company in which is presenting the product. It says that they care about their products and want you to know the quality to which they want to deliver to you. Design can convey that message in a very unique and personal way. Whether targeting a specific demographic, or an entire populace, we have the means to convey quality and individuality before the consumer even knows what the product is. Real world benefits are clear to see when a Design firm re-brands a product’s packaging and sales increase 35%. Product packaging is no joke, and serious companies look to designers for results.

As I was browsing through my daily list of rss updates, I found this particularly interesting design for Converse. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the canvas all star basketball shoes, converse has produced a limited edition of 1000 books containing a pair of shoes. Acting as a sort of time-line the strips of corrugated cardboard have a die-cut in the center where the shoes are held. Each strip represents a different year (or milestone) for the company, and has a tid-bit of information about that particular year. This kind of design that changes the norms of everyday consumerism is what we all should try to encourage our clients and colleagues to participate in.

side note: check this out… http://www.davidberman.com/social/dogood.php


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