Working on TAKE ROOT was a really great experience all around. Even from the beginning I think everyone really got into it. I think we  all care about our environment, so even in the initial stage of making a name and logo the group was pretty fluid in making choices. The final logo that we all picked turned out to be a very strong mark. It was an easy logo to implement into the design of the brochure, especially.

I think what made this project so significant for me was that it wasn’t an ordinary design that would eventually be put into a magazine and ultimately thrown away. This was something that we all had a part in that will benefit our community, and hopefully will live on after the initial stages. It was rewarding to be recognized at the event at the end of it all.

I was truly proud of the work across the board. Working with the people from Leadership Chattanooga was really fun becuase they just seemed to let us go and do what we thought was right. They were enthusiastic about our work, and for the project overall, so they made the work we put into TAKE ROOT worth it.


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