Self Branding…

…can be extremely frustrating. It’s really hard to make a mark that says “MICHAEL MAHAFFEY” and captures some sort of personality. So to begin, I used my face, which proved to be a bad idea that just got worse the longer I tried to use it. I decided to go with a simple mark that resembles an ‘M’ because I wanted it to reflect the simplicity of most of my design. It feels different to brand a company or group than to brand yourself. When you brand a company, your showing your perception of that company based on the information you received from them. Branding yourself is just a totally different struggle.

After making my mark, everything else has just seemed to fall into place. I chose to go with a natural looking craft paper and used colors that I thought would play off of that well. This is a nice project because I will actually have collateral that I can use in the “real world.”


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