Visit to RMG

The trip to RMG/National Print Group was definitely a one of a kind experience.  Where else in the world can you go and essentially see the design process from beginning to end on such a large level? The first location we visited had some of the largest and most up to date printers in the world. It was really amazing to see print production on that level.  Actually, it was quite overwhelming. My favorite part of the tour, however, was the second building we visited, which was the digital printing side.  Their printers can print on any flat surface, up to as thick as a door.  They can even print on carpet! I’m very happy we got to go on the tour and I would love to go back again.


2 Responses to Visit to RMG

  1. Michael Schrage says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Would it be OK to use this as a testimonial on our web site?


    Michael Schrage

  2. Nick Hughes says:

    Hey Michael,

    I gave your class the tour here and have been asked by our IT department to get permission to post your comment on our webpage. I appreciate your kind words and we have bio section it is perfect for.

    Thanks Nick Hughes, RMG

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