Chaos / Order

February 20, 2008

For this project I tried to create images that resembled my word pair, chaos and order. For order, I used lights that I could set up how I wanted, and with chaos I used lights that I could not control. When manipulating the photographs, I used a specific set of rules because I was trying to achieve chaos through order. So, with both sets of images, I used the same colors and levels throughout to keep with that specific order. The top image is chaos, order being the one below that.




Visit to RMG

February 20, 2008

The trip to RMG/National Print Group was definitely a one of a kind experience.  Where else in the world can you go and essentially see the design process from beginning to end on such a large level? The first location we visited had some of the largest and most up to date printers in the world. It was really amazing to see print production on that level.  Actually, it was quite overwhelming. My favorite part of the tour, however, was the second building we visited, which was the digital printing side.  Their printers can print on any flat surface, up to as thick as a door.  They can even print on carpet! I’m very happy we got to go on the tour and I would love to go back again.

Visiting Artists

February 8, 2008

Mark Andreas, [dNASAb], and Ryan Wolfe are all really incredible artists and very nice people.  The talk in the classroom was really great and inspiring.  It was nice to hear that I’m not the only one who considers daydreaming a part of research.  I’m still stumped about what I want to do for my senior thesis, but talking to these artist brought upon a huge wave of ideas.

Chattanooga Times Free Press

February 8, 2008

The trip to CTFP was really fun.  The building alone was pretty cool.  It was nice to actually see how everything comes together.  Every person is dependent upon the person doing the process before them.  It shows how things really come together when people team up and do their part.  Frank was a really fun and knowledgeable tour guide as well.  I’m grateful that he took the time to show us around.

Press Release…

February 8, 2008

Before Richard Beeland and Janis Hashe came to the class to speak about press releases, I knew absolutely nothing on the subject. Now, at least I know to do the following: make it read easily enough for an eighth grader, have back-ups for whatever you are talking about, send out a week before the event, and usually send via email.  Press packs are a different beast, evidently. That seems to be where the designed pieces come into play. They contain all the documents, logos, pictures, brochures, research, quotes, and sometimes even a bonus prize, like a moon pie.